How To Look Fabulous All The Time

How To Look Fabulous All The Time

Here are few tips which will help you look good all the time, without makeup and without instagram/snap chat filters:

Don’t try to fit in

One doesn’t have to look like the magazine models to look beautiful. Beauty comes in all sizes and shapes, the way you carry yourself makes you beautiful. People spend a lot of money on going to the best hair salons Melbourne and buy the most expensive outfit to fit in. You don’t have to do all that, just be the best version of yourself.

Take care of your body

In order to look good you have to feel good. This starts by feeding your body the right types of food. Drink a lot of water and eat your veggies, balanced diet plays a huge role when it comes to taking care of your body. You don’t necessarily have to be skinny to look good but that doesn’t mean you can feed your body with all the unhealthy junk food. If you eat good food, you are likely to remain healthy and fit and it also gives a natural glow making you look beautiful even without makeup.

Take care of your locks and skin

Having a clear skin is really important because it requires very less make up. However, acne is very common and most of the people suffer from it. If you have skin problems then instead of hiding it with makeup try to cure it. For example you could go to a dermatologist he/she will prescribe you medicines based on your skin type. Applying makeup might just worsen your condition so avoid applying heavy foundation. Also avoid oily food because that triggers acne. One should also maintain their locks. People spend a lot of money on great tape hair extensions in order to make their locks look longer and fuller. This is a temporary way of making it look good and in long term it does a lot of damage due to the heat your mane goes through. So always try natural ways of making your locks look longer and thicker. For example you could do oil treatment and also do a DIY hair mask at least once a week. Apart from that you should have healthy diet. You could even take multivitamins to boost hair growth but make sure that you consult a doctor before doing this.

The less is more

Makeup helps to enhance your features and you should make sure that you apply it properly. Sometimes women apply too much of makeup which just spoils their whole look. So always apply less, you don’t have to hide all your imperfections by applying layers of foundation and concealers. Instead learn to embrace yourself.

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